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Custom Itineraries

Do you like our style? Great news: you don’t have to be with us to travel like us. 


Sometimes planning a vacation can end up being more stressful than exciting. You find yourself faced with endless options to choose from, prices to check and reviews to read. Do you have 27 tabs open on your browser? You might need us. 

Our travel experience means that we have resources to tap and ideas to pursue all over the world. We’ll take the time to learn about your personality, interests and (of course) budget so that we can create a customized itinerary perfect for you and your travel companions. Please inquire for more details and a quote.  


Custom Itinerary + Bookings and Arrangements


We’ll take care of all the details! A personalized PDF booklet will include your customized itinerary – complete with booking codes for flights, ferries, excursions and restaurant reservations. You’ll also receive information on history, local customs, travel tips and a packing list.

Prices start at $1495 for a 7 day journey.


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