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Peru, 2014

It was a Sunday evening before the group from Healthy Traveler Retreats were to depart for Peru when I decided to join them and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. At first I was nervous about traveling to another country alone. But Allyson made me completely at ease and assured me that no matter what she would be there to make sure everything was taken care of. Peru was an amazingly magical location. More than that - we had a full schedule of incredible trips, sacred ceremonies, hiking up to waterfalls and Machu Picchu was so beautiful! I have no words that could ever describe my once in a life time experience. I wish I could go on every trip it's such a great way to travel. I came away from this trip a different person, I only wish I had done things like this sooner. I highly recommend Healthy Traveler for your next adventure...I love adventures. 


Peru, 2015

I went with my mother and Healthy Travelers to Peru. This was my first experience out of the country, in fact, I had just gotten my passport a month before the trip. It was an amazing experience. All the people that accompanied us were extremely kind, fun, interesting, and very friendly. At first, I did not think a yoga trip to Peru sounded very fun, but boy was I wrong! I had such a fantastic time. I met such great people on the trip, and became great friends with all of them. I very much look forward to become a recurrent part of Healthy Travelers in the future.


Greece, 2015

I went with Healthy Traveller Retreats to Greece this September. It was one of the most sparkling, beautiful, and meaningful experiences of my life. For one, it is so much fun to travel with Allyson Parzero. The trip was adventurous, well organized, safe, and had attracted a fabulous group of women to travel with. The food was fantastic and the agenda diverse. I will never forget this experience and will take many more trips with Healthy Traveler Retreats. It is the perfect solution for a single woman who wants to adventure out into the world but also wants to be safe. What a great opportunity.


Nicaragua, 2014

I cannot say enough about how great my experience was with Healthy Traveler Retreats and the way Allyson handles her clients with a high level of organization and attention to detail. (Hello to fresh REAL coconut waters after yoga class in the mornings!) She is very honest and talented person. What do I admire most about her and made my experience be so amazing? I will say her open-minded attitude - absolutely necessary when you travel with others as a guide - her knowledge of the area, and the safe environment she creates for her clients. She is my new super hero is so many ways! But don't tell her that, Instead, go and get some of that yourself! I will travel with her any time because it is hard to find souls and business owners like her in this world....Go to Peru! Trust me, you will love it! 


Greece, 2015

What an incredible experience we all had from the moment we stepped out of the car and smelled the 50 acre fresh farm air of olive trees, pears, almonds, vineyards, pomegranates, etc. Our accommodations were 2 per bungalow, which were roomy and super comfortable with a full kitchen, full bath, fireplace, bathrobes, etc. But, we didn't cook because the main house had an incredible healthy, tasty breakfast from scratch every morning by chef Philipe. Amazing! We took trips everyday to beautiful beaches, mountains and cobblestone villages, with little surprises everywhere we turned. Each evening the chef had an outstanding meal waiting for us when we returned. Great wine, great food, over the top hospitality by owner Frangiskos, loved director Elena and staff, especially the lively Elsa. This property and experience touched my soul.


Panama, 2015

Having only done yoga twice before in my life, I was a bit skeptical at first about signing up for a week-long “yoga retreat” to the Panamanian jungle. But wow, am I glad I did! Our Healthy Travelers Retreat to Bocas del Toro, Panama turned out to be an amazing adventure filled with beach fun, jungle hikes, a cacao farm tour, island excursions, surfing lessons, delicious local cuisine from our personal chef and daily yoga to soothe the mind and body. Allyson and her sidekick Val made the entire trip a smooth and enjoyable experience. I can’t wait to go on another one!



Peru, 2014

Wow. Where do I begin?!! I embarked on my first Healthy Traveler Retreat to the Sacred Valley of Peru. I traveled by myself to what I thought would be a journey to improve my yoga practice. What I got was so much more! It's hard to put into words, but my family and friends will tell you that that trip was life changing for me. While parts of the retreat (including booking it!) were outside my comfort zone, learning to find comfort during the uncomfortable times were all necessary for the ultimate experience. Healthy Traveler Retreats opened my mind, and my heart, to new adventures, cultures and friends, while lighting a fire within that I didn't know existed. I look forward to many more retreats with Allyson and her team and meeting you along the way!


Greece, 2015

My visit to Eumelia was wonderful. The farm itself is beautifully set amid olive trees with mountain ranges in the background. The Stars visible at night were amazing. Frangiskos, the owner and host welcomed us and made us feel like family from the first day. The cabins were very comfortable and so very well planned and furnished. The food served to us was incredibly yummy! The area for yoga was beautifully set outside among the olive trees. Eumelia is a magical place and I can't wait to go back!!


Panama, 2014

Wow. I am still distilling the events of a month ago. The trip grows on me. When I see this photo I realize I never really noticed this perspective. I always saw it up hill... When I look at this I relax. Just like Allyson would like us to. Be in the moment. She is an extraordinarily poised leader. Stays on schedule without making it feel like you aren't also on vacation. She was always thinking of the overall plan - making sure she kept her promises: a trip to a beach, a trip to a village, a massage, a workshop and lots of yoga and delicious food. The best part of the planned trip besides the food was the cacao workshop. The Extra she did: planned our tour of the Panama Canal. The trip was adventuresome and a bit rugged. There were 8 of us on the trip and we loved being together. Be prepared for an adventure and a retreat.

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