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Home Yoga Practice = The Best Ever

Today was special. Not only did I practice yoga in the comfort of my own home, but I did it blindfolded. What an incredible way to completely drop into yourself. No visual stimuli, no looking at my body to make sure I have proper form. There was nothing but my breath and my feelings. If I didn't know where I was on the mat, I extended out and reached for the edges, just to assure my crazy mind that I was ok. Sometimes I fell, and then I laughed about it. But you know what? I felt damn strong.

I never understood how some people managed to practice at home, sort of like drinking...I never understood how people mangaged to have a good time socially if alcohol wasn't involved. As the tides shift and you grow, everything in time changes.

It's an incredibly disciplined thing to do, you know, practice at home. No one is encouraging you to go deeper, no one watching you can hide. OR you can break on through and explore any way you want.

I'm so happy that finally, after 15 years of practicing yoga, I have the energy, dedication, love & dicipline to practice at home.

Home Yoga Practice = The Best Ever nuff said.

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