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Adventure. Education. Inspiration. Transformation.

What can we say; we love to travel. We believe that the inspiration sparked by an adventurous and eye-opening trip empowers us with the tools and energy to make small, positive changes in our lives. A good adventure is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself and the world around you. Why not challenge yourself to get a little outside your comfort-zone?   


Not to brag, but our trips are crazy original and have been called “life-changing” by more than a few travelers. We try to do things a little unexpectedly. Yes, we’ll take you to Greece, but it won’t be Santorini. How about the southern tip of the Peloponnese instead? Of course there are must-sees; Yes, you’ll explore Machu Picchu in Peru, but wait til you see some of the personal favorite treks of our guide Jesus.


Our groups range in size from about 8 to 14 travelers of all ages. Meals are typically served family style in communal spaces - and good food makes for great conversation. Do you have to eat vegetarian or gluten-free or something? No. Not unless you want to that is. To us, eating healthy means eating what’s local, homemade and in season. Hand-rolled pasta will be served with sweet, red tomatoes and fresh ricotta in Sicily. Try ceviche so fresh you can still taste the sea in Peru or a juicy, ripe mango with sticky rice in Thailand. Don’t worry - we’ll balance out all of our eating with moving!


Traveling in a responsible and sustainable way is also very important to us so we do our best to choose eco-friendly venues and eco-conscious partners. And we give back (through a donation of profits and/or volunteer activity) to a local organization or project that we think is doing some important in the place we visit.  


Above all, our trips are meant to relax, rejuvenate and restore you. We create a balanced schedule with plenty of activities and downtime. And we invite you to make the trip your own. Stretch it out in morning yoga or sleep till breakfast; It’s up to you.

What Our Trips Are Like

Who Our Trips Are For

Our travelers are kind, adventurous, open-minded and laid back. While we plan and strategize in detail for our trips, the fact is we can’t predict everything - so we ask that you sit back and enjoy the ride while we the steer the ship.

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